Get visibility into
releases and progress

Instantly see team progress, see predicted vs actual effort, and make smart decisions on priorities.

Docs and tasks,
in one view

Write technical project specs and docs with clear priorities. Connect work to larger goals by grouping your tasks and user stories into epics or Requirements. The universal task drawer, on the left, makes progress tracking simple and easy.

Task management,
made simpler

Break down tasks into subtasks. Assign tasks to delegate or add collaborators. Categorize tasks by status, type or priority with #Labels Share feedback, files and align your team with @mentions.

Build momentum
with sprints

Set recurring weekly or bi-weekly sprints. View all tasks across different sprints on the board and use drag & drop to move tasks from requirements to sprint. Move tasks within or across sprints to re-prioritize.

Track blockers
on releases

Use sprint insights to run asynchronous standups and check in on team progress in one easy view. Understand engineering task statuses with additional PR statuses, when synced with Git.

Build software
and ship, together

Growth, engineering and design should easily be able to work together on projects. Create teams for different departments, or form pods to collaborate on projects. Tasks, sprints and requirements are intuitively organized by team.

Close pull requests faster
by syncing to Github
or Gitlab

See all your code check-ins and open pull or merge requests in one view. Link tasks with source control to easily find associated pull or merge requests.

Automated reporting
with Slack

Get sprint reports automatically on Slack. Receive instant alerts with quick links to tasks, threads or requirements you’re mentioned in. Turn Slack chats into Tara tasks for productive discussions.

Import from Trello,
Asana, or GitHub

Switch from cluttered tools that don’t meet your team’s needs. Import your tasks from Asana or Trello, or sync your issues from GitHub to get started in a few clicks.

Smart Indicators

The sprint load indicator helps you optimize your sprint load based on your most recent team performance and completed effort. Re-balance your team's sprint, with predictability.

Building a MVP

Creating your first product? Plan and manage your first release with Tara's recurring sprints.

Daily Stand-ups

Engineering teams use sprint insights for their daily stand-ups to visualize progress.

Growth Strategy

Marketing teams use Tara to plan upcoming sprints on a weekly basis.

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