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Chat with Tara about your project

In natural language, chat with Tara about the specifics of your project. Within minutes, Tara will send you a fixed quote for your project, and get started, immediately.

We assign the experts and manage them

You no longer have to hunt for developers, designers or digital marketers to work on your project. We have a pre-screened community of 50,000 professionals ready to go, and Tara assigns your experts according to skill and expertise.

Get quality work on time and on budget

No more back and forth negotiating on hourly fees, or technical specs. Your fixed quote is guaranteed, and a dedicated project manager oversees the project, to ensure seamless, on-time delivery.

Programmers and designers from the world’s leading institutions:

What customers are saying:

"We've been extremely impressed by TARA's work on our newswire platform. Soon after speaking with TARA, we were quickly delivered a quote that showed an understanding of exactly what our project needed, and were provided a team with the skills to make it happen. I would absolutely recommend TARA- I've already been telling my friends and associates about it!"
Ruth McKee
Publisher / Merger Market
"TARA helped me get illustrations for my website done in the easiest way possible, "it" hired an illustrator that was excellent, communicative and happy with showing me multiple iterations. TARA is like my always-on sidekick, for everything!"
Neil Mathew
Co-founder and CEO / Vertical AI
"We had an immediate requirement for a Python project, and TARA assigned a Python developer with 7+ yrs of experience, within 24 hours of sending me a quote. A TARA product manager was assigned, to oversee development, and the full software tool was built and deployed within a month."
Evon Onusic
Tech & Strategy / Gotham Alpha
"800, Inc had an entire inventory management system built with Tara in just a few weeks. The delivery time, quality of work and always-on support has been miles ahead of any dedicated freelancer or agency we've worked with."
Inam Saleem
Founder / 800 Inc.
"Tara, and our dedicated product manager, have helped with all facets of building software for our boutique consulting group. We've used Tara to do code reviews, security checks and built entire platforms. Tara has effectively become our CTO!"
Nader Sabry
Managing Partner / McGill Consulting
"We've been using Tara for our graphic design and brochures exclusively, and we couldn't be happier with the dedicated service from our project manager, especially as we can scale up or down depending on workload."
Rano Numonova
Chapter Administrator / Entrepreneur’s Organization

What is Tara?

T.A.R.A. began life as an AI recruiter, built for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation, by veteran recruiters and machine learning engineers. Tara has the ability to analyze 100+ data points on each candidate and recruit the most effective engineers for specific positions or coding tasks, by quantifying their skills. Tara’s functionality has expanded, with the ability to assemble full-stack product teams, on-demand.

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