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Simple, yet powerful
product development.

Run your team's weekly sprints and tasks. Deliver priorities, synced to Git, in one modern interface. Drupal Conference attendees get Tara for free.

Focus on Velocity

With a simple sprint plan, synced to Git.

"Tara's structure around sprints was really easy to adopt as an agile workflow. We're shipping product releases 2x faster, with fewer meetings."

Joseph Benson-Aruna
Joseph Benson-Aruna
Partner, Spleet

Switched from Trello

Fast with no setup

Plan efficiently as a remote or on-site team.

Synced to source control

Sync to Github issues and prioritize weekly or bi-weekly.

Flexible planning

Add or import tasks, then drag & drop to sprints.

Track Progress

Remove blockers as a team as you sprint towards your goals.

"This has made project collaboration so much easier. Viewing actual vs predicted effort helps identify blockers and we can quickly step in to help our engineers."

Bradford Winfrey
Bradford Winfrey
VP Engineering, Alto IRA

Switched from Jira

Faster code reviews

See pull request status to unblock your team's sprint.

Daily standups

Track commits and merge status during stand up

Slack reporting

Automated insights via Slack with built-in reporting.

Define requirements

Write specs collaboratively, with tasks in one view.

"Saving client specs and docs on Tara has been pivotal in collaborating and staying updated on linked development tasks."

Martijn van Egmond
Martijn van Egmond
Co-Founder, Lost Sheeps

Switched from Basecamp

Docs and tasks, in one place

View technical specs and related tasks, in one scroll.

Collaborate on requirements

Discuss with teammates inside a spec or epic with @mentions.

Organize by team

Designs, links & attachments in one spec, grouped by team.

How agile teams are using Tara.



Building a MVP

Creating your first product? Plan and manage your first release with Tara’s recurring sprints.



Daily Stand-ups

Engineering teams use sprint insights for their daily stand-ups to visualize progress.



Growth Strategy

Marketing teams use Tara to plan their campaigns on a weekly basis using sprints.

Partner Perks

Ship faster, more often. Zero set-up needed. No caveats.


Free for unlimited users

get 6 months of premium for free.


Unlimited tasks & docs

Focus on doing more. No limits on tasks on docs within Tara.

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Switch from Asana or Trello. Import your tasks and pick up where you left off.

Trusted by world-class software teams

We know products and the people who build them. Now we're turning all that knowledge into an intelligent platform that helps organizations get better product development outcomes.

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No setup required. Integrate with the tools you love.
Free for unlimited users.

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