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Spleet Africa is disrupting premium residential solutions with Tara

Deeper insights into team dynamics by measuring performance effectively

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About Spleet Africa

Spleet Africa offers premium residential solutions across Africa with daily, monthly and quarterly subscription options. Spleet Africa residences are designed to inspire and bring like minded people together, with the option of choosing private spaces, or co-living in shared spaces with access to shared amenities.

Joseph Benson-Aruna is a Partner at Spleet Africa and manages the technology and product. With several years of product management experience, he has tried and tested many agile tools. Spleet Africa's engineering team have found former work management tools before Tara to be tedious and difficult to use.

"This is the first time my team is using a scrum workflow. We adapted immediately because of Tara’s simplicity and ease of use."

Tara’s influence:

  • Recurring sprints provided the team with an organized workflow to move releases forward
  • Reduced meetings thanks to sprint insights, with daily standups on autopilot
  • Deeper insights into team dynamics by measuring performance effectively

Choosing the right tool

With Spleet Africa rebuilding its platform, Joseph and his engineering team needed a product delivery tool that would help the team get organized, while being synced to source control. "Jira was written off because it was too complicated for a fast-moving team. Asana and Pivotal didn’t click, and the team found them cumbersome for the development process. Trello was too simple, and Bitrix24 was so bloated, it stopped being useful", commented Joseph.

"None of our previous tools provided a real way to measure performance the way Tara does."

Team agility, with speed

It became clear to Joseph that Tara was the right solution. With a sprint-focused platform, the team was introduced to structured sprints. The onboarding process was easy enough, where the team adapted and added sprints to their workflow right away. Spleet Africa's engineering team was now proactively collaborating and moving their product forward on Tara.

Reaping the benefits

Spleet Africa currently runs weekly sprints on Tara. Their platform rebuild is divided into three main requirements; the members platform, the host platform and an internal admin dashboard. Thee three requirements have their own development tasks, making it easier to track progress and development of the rebuild.

Spleeting sprint

With sprint insights providing visibility on task progress, the team was able to cut down daily standup meetings, to just twice a week check-ins, with updates shared via slack. The effort estimates have helped Joseph and his engineering managers to discover deeper insights into why certain tasks are taking longer than expected and address any blockers effectively. Engineers are also proactively moving tasks between sprints, depending on their capacity.

Tara created an efficient workflow which the team has seamlessly adapted to. The engineering team is less focused on task management and follow-ups. With everyone having visibility over the release cycle, there is more time that goes into the actual development tasks and getting releases to customers, faster.

"I'm in love with Tara and the structure around requirements and sprints. It's designed to combine both in an easily adaptable workflow."