Unleash engineering potential,
with actionable AI Insight.

Tara AI helps software engineering teams measure,
optimize, and act on metrics to drive impactful outcomes.

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Tara AI Insights

Companies delivering with Tara AI:

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The Problem

"Are we on track to release to customers?"

Engineering teams are constantly asking if they are on track and doing the right things
to deliver product to customers. Meanwhile, Engineering leaders are manually patching together
source control and issue tracking systems, to report back to wider teams on delivery.

the problem
The Solution

See engineering ROI and
customer impact in real-time

Unify and enrich engineering activity with no changes to your teams’ workflows.
Tara AI helps engineering leaders and their teams gain visibility by connecting issue tracking
and Git source control, to deliver real-time insights and alerts on delivery.

With Tara AI
Without Tara AI
the solution without Tara

Optimize your existing teams' output.

Improve engineering efficiency and customer delivery. Tara AI aggregates and reconciles performance data at the team and project level, to help you uncover meaningful insights.

Deliver faster, with improved visibility.

Understand what’s blocked in engineering operations with real-time notifications and real-time visibility into delivery. See true status, across the development cycle, with active syncing to the tools you already use.

Prioritize initiatives that deliver customer value.

View impact at the feature and project level, across time horizons. Communicate what’s working, and what’s not, by tying engineering effort to customer value.

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"We've built productive routines around delivery with Tara AI, by viewing weekly, monthly and quarterly stats by team, project and component. We're also quickly able to understand which PRs are stale or blocked, and it’s been a game-changer for productivity."
Neil Mathew
CEO, Placenote
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"As a technical leader at a fully remote company, I was lacking visibility into team efficiency and methods of improving delivery to customers. Our cycle times have reduced by as much as 65% for high impact releases with Tara AI."
Prasenjit Mukherjee
Cofounder and CTO, Dabble
"None of our previous tools provided a real way to measure engineering performance the way this platform does. After syncing Tara AI to our source control, we’re now shipping product releases 2x faster, with fewer meetings.”
Joseph Benson-Aruna
Partner, Spleet