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Tara empowers product teams to visualize progress and
make better decisions throughout the software development process.

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Integrate data
Integrations bring all your product development data together on our platform. We turn that data into insights and direction for your business and your teams.
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Align people, projects and process
Break down information barriers, expose dependencies and prevent delay and rework, bringing value to every member of your product team.
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Improve outcomes through learning
Our platform will learn from the data you integrate and the actions your teams make. As data sets mature we'll offer insights and recommendations to keep your teams constantly improving.

Value for your whole product team

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New Feature Development

1. Product Specifications

Product Manager

Product managers start by creating a spec in Tara to collaborate with their team on building a new feature, all in one view.

2. Engineering Tasks

Engineering Manager

After reviewing the scope, engineering managers can begin to create tasks in the same view and allocate them to the right developers. Engineering and product are now aligned.

3. Sprint Planning

Tech Lead

Technical leads estimate engineering effort across tasks, and kick off sprint planning.

4. Development

Software Engineer

Software engineers resolve open pull requests and tasks to get the feature completed. The team understands the plan, from spec to sprint.


We've got you covered from idea to release

  1. write-specs Write Specs
  2. backlog Groom Backlog
  3. sprint Plan Sprints
  4. insight Get Insights
  5. integration Integrations

Ideas, specifications, and tasks are connected across projects and data sources, so everyone is on the same page.

Trusted by world-class software teams

We know products and the people who build them. Now we're turning all that knowledge into an intelligent platform that helps organizations get better product development outcomes.

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Sprint Backlog

Learn what we're building and thinking

Tara Release Log

Introducing the new engineering dashboard (and smart insights too!)
Introducing our new engineering dashboard, 2-way Github sync, and key sprint insights.

2 March 2020