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Define, plan & track mission-critical product updates, in one place.

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Track real-time updates,
on every code push.

Watch the work land, every step of the way. With a Git sync, Tara gives you instant insights into where things are – commits, blockers, and merges.

"Seeing predicted vs actual effort puts leadership and engineering on the same page, reducing developer burnout."

Haseeb Zulfiqar

Haseeb Zulfiqar
Senior Software Engineer, Airschool

Automation that lets you
focus on what matters.

Put tasks on auto-pilot with automated status changes, recurring sprints and effort predictions, so your teams can focus on higher-level work.

"We’re shipping product releases much faster, with fewer meetings."

Oluwatosin Amusan

Oluwatosin Amusan
Product Manager, Spleet Africa

Smarter planning,
higher performance.

Replace complexity with a laser focus on shipping. Tara helps teams prioritize tasks & issues into sprints with drag & drop, built inside a lightning-fast interface.

"I've been able to course correct and even out my team's workload as we launch critical updates for customers."

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett
Director of Technology, Thesis Agency


Collaborative development,
for everyone.

Define features collaboratively, and keep product, engineering & growth in the loop of user requests. Discuss tasks with commenting, or @mention teammates to stay in sync.

"Organizing work for Engineering & Growth in one place has made cross-team projects easier, and progress more transparent."

Prasenjit Mukherjee

Prasenjit Mukherjee
Co-Founder & CTO, Dabble


Unify your product stack.

Our one-click, zero-config, set-and-forget integrations
bring your entire product toolchain together.

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Powerful Git automations
anyone can configure.

no code automations

Keep your team progress in sync with automated task status changes and real-time code updates by simply tagging a branch once.

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Stay in Sync and go
from message to task

Keep everyone in sync and
make threads actionable.

stay in sync

Stay in-sync with relevant notifications and keep track of team performance right from our official Slack App.

Enable team members to directly create or convert messages into tasks and issues.


Build beyond limits
with our API

Hack & stitch your way
to the perfect workflow.

build beyond limits

Use our powerful and expanding API to unlock custom workflows, create powerful automations and integrations.

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Loved by high
performance teams

Mandi Haase
Mandi Haase
Software Developer, Prenda
We’ve seen real growth after using Tara. We’re shipping 2x faster, without needing a full-time administrator. Automated tracking with straightforward visuals really brings the team together.
Neil Matthew
Neil Matthew
CEO, Placenote
Planning sprints with Tara has been a game-changer. Having a good sprint planning tool has proven so incredibly useful now that our teams are remote and working from home.
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett
Director of Technology, Thesis Agency
Tara keeps things clean and simple. It helps me get more organized about our weekly sprint planning. I’ve been able to get back into estimating our tasks with story points and look back over the last three months, understand team performance and discovered that a teammate was being a bit over utilized. With Tara, I’ve been able to course correct and even out their workload.
Aaron Podolny
Aaron Podolny
Co-Founder & CTO, Scribe
With Tara’s GitHub integration, I can go and find the pull request associated with a task. The fact that I can go into previous sprints and do that is great. Using a tool to keep a record of tasks is something that we’ve been missing, and Tara does a great job at that.
Martijn van Egmond
Martijn van Egmond
Co-Founder, Lost Sheeps
Saving client specs and docs on Tara has been pivotal in collaborating and staying updated on linked development tasks.

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From engineers to marketers - keep your team aligned in one simple workspace.

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