Designed to help remote teams move faster in product development.

In one smart platform, Tara helps teams deliver on planned release cycles, with more predictability. Run your weekly sprints on time.

Loved by modern distributed teams, large and small.

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Finally, a platform that helps you answer:

When is our next product release?

By connecting Git to tasks and sprints, Tara helps everyone on your team have clarity around the release cycle, from engineering to sales.

No more wading through tickets to view progress.

Built for efficiency

  • Requirements and tasks, in one view. Engineers can now view the technical spec and related tasks in one scroll.
  • Add tasks quickly through import, quick in-line edits or keyboard shortcuts.
The recurring sprint

The recurring sprint.
Set it and forget it.

  • Use sprints for engineering, marketing or design teams, to keep track of progress.
  • Plan several sprints in one go.
  • Set your timeline to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, based on your release cycle and milestones.
The recurring sprint

Smart views, with a focus on execution

  • Quick stats show ongoing progress during your sprint timeline, with effort completed.
  • Sprint Insights show daily and weekly progress, alongside commits and pull requests during the release cycle.
  • A focused homepage helps engineers prioritize their daily tasks.
Connect with your existing Git workflow

Connect with your existing Git workflow

  • Integrate Github to understand ongoing commits, pull requests and upcoming releases.
  • View pull requests that require your attention, on a daily basis. In smart views, see commits and PRs related to your sprint cycles.
  • Add team members from sales, marketing or design, to keep the whole organization informed on timelines.
Connect with your existing Git workflow

Built around your release cycle

Epics and Stories
Epics and Stories
Epics and Stories
Epics and Stories
Epics and Stories
Epics and Stories

Epics and stories

Fast, in-line task editing, with requirements and tasks in one scroll. Quick emoji statuses.

Multi-sprint planning

Multi-sprint planning

Multi-sprint planning view, with smart insights based around your release cycle.

A focused dashboard

A focused dashboard

View your priority tasks daily, within the current sprint, through one focused dashboard.

Smart Indicators

Smart Indicators NEW

Tara predicts future sprint load and completed effort based on recent team performance.

Epics and Stories

One aligned product organization

Teams are now one cohesive product org, with visibility across the release cycle for engineers, marketers and more.


Smart indicator - helping you plan your next sprint

With our new indicator, quickly optimize your sprint load based on your most recent team performance, and completed effort. Plan sprints with better visibility, and predictability.

Smart Indicator

Trusted by world-class software teams

We know products and the people who build them. Now we're turning all that knowledge into an intelligent platform that helps organizations get better product development outcomes.

"Planning sprints with Tara has been a game-changer. Having a good sprint planning tool has proven so incredibly useful now that our teams are remote and working from home."
"We've been day zero users of the product and love the cadence of features being shipped. We moved from using Notion and Jira to Tara. There's been a lot of the value added to our team. The prescriptive workflow got us started quickly on sprints."
"We've been using Tara for the past 6 months for all of our engineering efforts. It's a simple and clutter-free way to manage our sprints. "
"The GitHub integration allows my team to see how tasks translate to business value for customers. Tara's workflow gives us a clearer idea of progress on a project and addresses any blockers."
"I resonated with Tara at first sight. Not only is it simple, but it's also aligned to everything the team needs. Jira solves too many problems for too many people and Trello is too simple. Tara is the perfect middle-ground."
"Tara's intuitive and responsive UI abstracts away many of the dense features of Jira, making the act of sprint planning feel like less of a chore."
"Using Tara has been absolutely great for our team. It comes with low overhead, and has helped our distributed team stay on top of all the exciting things we want to build!"
"I love the requirements concept, it's new to me but I've enjoyed it. It's really helped me make my ideas concise and link them to actual work."
"In the past, changing requirements was a long, manual process. With Tara, we now have a unique advantage. We can update specs or features in the platform, alongside tasks, and keep cross-functional product teams informed"

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