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Sarah Sadie, Product Manager at XYZ.com

2-way GitHub Sync

Stay up to date with your code

Sync your GitHub pull requests with Tara and gain actionable insights.

Track your team's commits history on a sprint level and nudge reviewers before your pull request gets stale.

2-way GitHub Sync
Planning designed to ship

Planning designed to ship

See the big picture

Drop tasks into multiple sprints across a timeline view.

Always be sprinting

With an insight-driven sprint view

Tara's active sprint gives your team actionable insight into task completion and blockers. And, better stand-ups are a bonus.

Insight-driven sprint view

From Spec to Release

We got you covered.

  • Writing requirements
  • Groom backlog
  • Plan sprints
  • Insight-driven sprints
  • Third-party integration

View requirements and create tasks to distribute work across
sprints, with a clear view across projects, to continuously improve your sprint planning.

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An insight driven sprint view
Modern software teams rely on one simple process to drive work, the in-progress sprint.

9 Dec 2019