How Tara Works

It's not people vs machines. It's people and machines.


Get a timeline for software projects

Start by adding your details to our product builder.Once we have your info, Tara will get to work on a project timeline. New to all this? You can try Tara by clicking here for a demo.


Avoid scope creep

Complex software builds require clarity and accountability. Tara uses machine learning to efficiently manage your product goals and timeline, keeping your team in-the-know.


Recruit industry-leading developers with a click

From software engineers at Microsoft to security engineers at NASA, Tara has a huge network of pre-screened and proven experts available to you and your projects.


Automate your workflow

Tara seamlessly manages your workflow, providing your team with optimal milestones, task lists, and spec sheets based on your project type. Talented people plus an intelligent platform make a powerful team.


Manage products, not paperwork

When you hire Tara talent, you pay one easy-to-manage monthly fee. Our platform handles NDAs, payroll, ID verification, and independent contractor forms,so you can focus on your product.


Don't stress over maintenance

With Tara, you no longer have to find additional resources for on-going maintenance work, iterations or version releases. Tara does the heavy lifting by assigning your resources as needed.

Meet Tara —

The newest member of your team

Helping you build better software products, faster, by leveraging AI.