Manage your weekly sprints, effortlessly

Join over 4,000+ teams grooming their backlog and sprinting towards their goals on Tara.

Why use Tara for weekly sprints?

Drag and Drop

Task management, simplified

Prioritize your tasks using our intuitive sprint planning page and drag & drop feature.

Weekly Insights

Tracking, made easy

View team progress daily and weekly with our built-in sprint insights.

GitHub Commits
GitHub Linking

See the bigger picture

Celebrate more milestones by mapping tasks and projects with requirements.

How agile teams are using Tara.



Building a MVP

Creating your first product? Plan and manage your first release with Tara’s recurring sprints.



Daily Stand-ups

Engineering teams use sprint insights for their daily stand-ups to visualize progress.



Growth Strategy

Marketing teams use Tara to plan their campaigns on a weekly basis using sprints.

Loved by modern distributed teams, large and small

"I resonated with Tara at first sight. I love the simplicity and it's a good match with what I want to see and what it shows. Jira solves too many problems for too many people and Trello is too simple. Tara is just right."

Why Tara?

target icon

One Focused Dashboard

View tasks and pull requests that require your attention. See how your team is progressing with completed effort.

sync icon

2-way Issue Sync

Import issues from Github, to start planning sprints. With a bi-directional sync, tasks on Tara sync with your team's issues on Github.

sprint icon

Simple to Plan Sprints

With one click, set recurring sprints to weekly or bi-weekly. With GitHub sync, Tara pulls in code check-ins and pull requests to display in your active sprint view.

idea icon

Smart Indicators

The new sprint load indicator helps you optimize future sprints based on your most recent team performance and completed effort.

group icon

Multiple Workspaces

Use Tara across multiple teams for maximum visibility on the release cycle from engineering to growth teams.

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Daily Stand-ups

Run remote stand-ups from immediate sprint insights, with built-in weekly reporting. View effort completed and PRs closed; plus see insights across multiple completed sprints.

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