Frequently Asked Questions

TARA combines exceptional human talent with a smart platform to build products people love.

TARA Experts: The Developers

Who are the people working on TARA projects?

From software engineers at Microsoft to iOS developers at Paypal, TARA’s network of 50,000 designers, developers, and product managers have a myriad of backgrounds and industry experiences. TARA extensively pre-screens our experts, prior to assignment. TARA decides on your developer assignment, based on your project specs and requirements.

From startups to enterprise organizations, TARA is an extension of the team from prototyping, to MVP, to full-fledged product. Because we are a trusted software development resource, companies with sensitive and confidential data—hedge funds, telecom operators, and government organizations—also look to us as a secure partner.

How does TARA find experts for each project?

Many of our experts come to TARA through organic referrals from trusted businesses, clients, and institutions. We also extend invitations to major talent we find in open source communities, dev forums, and developer events.

How does TARA pre-screen experts before hiring them?

TARA’s extensive screening process involves a wide range of factors, including code checks on publicly available repositories, shipped apps, online portfolios, prior projects, preferred industry types, and familiarity with the selected frameworks.

While we do look at work experience and industry success, we actively seek and screen candidates based on their skillsets, not their resumes or pedigree, to ensure you receive the expert whose abilities are most suited to your projects.

What data points does TARA analyze to match experts to projects?

{"Every single data point is a factor in the project’s success. For instance, data points might include"=>"candidate’s years of experience, open source code contributions, portfolio, or familiarity with a certain API."}