Frequently Asked Questions

TARA combines exceptional human talent with a smart platform to build products people love.

Getting Started

What if I want to change the design or features of my product?

We designed TARA to be flexible and accommodate change requests. In our experience though, making changes early in the product development life cycle is the best way to prevent major delays. Revisions or major changes to your project scope will impact the timeline (TARA will change your timeline accordingly).

For major scope changes, we recommend scheduling a call with your success manager to assess the changed project scope and additional resource requirements. You can also request revisions in your dashboard—we’ll just ask you and your assigned developer to approve the change requests. If a revision request ever looks like it will break prior features, your TARA developer will reach out before moving forward on the change request.

Are price estimates for my project free?

Yes, using TARA for price and timeline estimates for your projects is free of charge for all users.