Frequently Asked Questions

TARA combines exceptional human talent with a smart platform to build products people love.

Project Management

How does TARA manage my project?

A dedicated product success manager will be assigned to your project on day one to assure quality, and seamless delivery of milestones by your developer resource.

What do I need to do to help TARA manage my project?

TARA predicts project timelines by estimating a 48 hour window for client feedback, after submission of a milestone by your assigned resource. If client feedback takes longer than 48 hours, TARA automatically changes the predicted timeline for the project and informs your developer resource accordingly. Timely feedback and communication is highly recommended to ensure your project remains on track.

Will I be able to track progress on my project while TARA manages it?

Yes, we are building a powerful platform that allows our users to track github submissions, daily code updates and project progress through one dashboard.

How does TARA help my assigned contractor?

TARA helps developers by automating tedious, manual and repetitive tasks in projects, allowing your assigned resource to focus on what they do best: code. For example: user acceptance documents, milestones, timelines and feature checklists are automatically generated by TARA, and submitted to you and your assigned contractor for approval.

What is TARA’s quality control and QA process?

TARA creates extensive user acceptance checklists prior to a project start date, to ensure both parties agree on the stated features and functionality of the product build. Submissions and milestones, by assigned developers, are rated consistently by our clients, to ensure products are on spec. TARA also enables users to assign additional QA/QC resources for larger projects that require extensive bug testing, manual user testing or functional testing.