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What is TARA?

TARA is a new way to outsource work. Whether you’re launching a website, a mobile app, or anything in between, TARA makes it easier with brilliant human talent and a smart project management platform.

TARA’s comprehensive pre-screening process ensures that the experts hired for your project are qualified and reliable, and a dedicated product manager oversees your project from beginning to end. TARA works on projects through an intelligent workflow and brilliant contractors—all for one monthly fee. Built by veteran recruiters and machine learning engineers, TARA is an always-on member of your team.

How does TARA work?

Add your product details to our builder and TARA will generate a monthly fee and timeline estimate for free. Once you’re ready, hit deploy, and TARA will assign experts whose skills are uniquely suited for your project. When the experts are hired, a dedicated product success manager is assigned to the project. Predictive analytics keep you well informed as the project moves forward. For more information, visit our How It Works page.

What can TARA do for me?

TARA’s vast capabilities in software development, include building recommendation engines, data analytics dashboards and iOS apps. If you’re not sure whether TARA can help, just ask. Our dedicated customer success team is happy to chat about your project.

Where is TARA located?

The TARA HQ is located in sunny San Jose, California. We also have an office in San Francisco on 60 Spear St.

What does TARA stand for?

TARA stands for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation.

Who are TARA clients?

Our clients are innovative organizations interested in a better way to build products. Organizations that want to work with top developers from around the globe, with the flexibility of a contractor work force.

From startups to enterprise organizations, TARA is an extension of the team from prototyping, to MVP, to full-fledged product. Because we are a trusted software development resource, companies with sensitive and confidential data—hedge funds, telecom operators, and government organizations—also look to us as a secure partner.

Getting Started

How do I start a project with TARA?

Our clients are innovative organizations interested in a better way to build products. Organizations that want to work with top developers from around the globe, with the flexibility of a contractor work force.

From startups to enterprise organizations, TARA is an extension of the team from prototyping, to MVP, to full-fledged product. Because we are a trusted software development resource, companies with sensitive and confidential data—hedge funds, telecom operators, and government organizations—also look to us as a secure partner.

Are price estimates for my project free?

Yes, using TARA for price and timeline estimates for your projects is free of charge for all users.

TARA Experts: The Developers

Who are the people working on TARA projects?

From software engineers at Microsoft to iOS developers at Paypal, TARA’s network of 50,000 designers, developers, and product managers have a myriad of backgrounds and industry experiences. TARA extensively pre-screens our experts, prior to assignment. TARA decides on your developer assignment, based on your project specs and requirements.

How does TARA find experts for each project?

Many of our experts come to TARA through organic referrals from trusted businesses, clients, and institutions. We also extend invitations to major talent we find in open source communities, dev forums, and developer events.

How does TARA pre-screen experts before hiring them?

TARA’s extensive screening process involves a wide range of factors, including code checks on publicly available repositories, shipped apps, online portfolios, prior projects, preferred industry types, and familiarity with the selected frameworks.

While we do look at work experience and industry success, we actively seek and screen candidates based on their skillsets, not their resumes or pedigree, to ensure you receive the expert whose abilities are most suited to your projects.

How are TARA’s experts assigned to projects?

TARA analyzes over 120 data points on individual candidates from the entire expert network in order to find the most suitable resource to work on your project.

What data points does TARA analyze to match experts to projects?

Every single data point is a factor in the project’s success. For instance, data points might include: candidate’s years of experience, open source code contributions, portfolio, or familiarity with a certain API.


What am I going to pay for my project?

TARA bills you one monthly fee for your projects, based on the required build. TARA automatically calculates your monthly fee based on the project type, timeline, developer requirement and assigned hours. Payments are billed through our platform via Direct ACH Transfer or credit card. Our platform also takes care of NDAs, payroll, ID verification and independent contractor forms, so you can focus on what’s important.

Can TARA generate a purchase order?

Yes, reach out to your dedicated product success manager, and our system will generate a purchase order.

Project Management

How does TARA manage my project?

A dedicated product success manager will be assigned to your project on day one to assure quality, and seamless delivery of milestones by your developer resource.

What do I need to do to help TARA manage my project?

TARA predicts project timelines by estimating a 48 hour window for client feedback, after submission of a milestone by your assigned resource. If client feedback takes longer than 48 hours, TARA automatically changes the predicted timeline for the project and informs your developer resource accordingly. Timely feedback and communication is highly recommended to ensure your project remains on track.

Will I be able to track progress on my project while TARA manages it?

Yes, we are building a powerful platform that allows our users to track github submissions, daily code updates and project progress through one dashboard.

How does TARA help my assigned contractor?

TARA helps developers by automating tedious, manual and repetitive tasks in projects, allowing your assigned resource to focus on what they do best: code. For example: user acceptance documents, milestones, timelines and feature checklists are automatically generated by TARA, and submitted to you and your assigned contractor for approval.

What is TARA’s quality control and QA process?

TARA creates extensive user acceptance checklists prior to a project start date, to ensure both parties agree on the stated features and functionality of the product build. Submissions and milestones, by assigned developers, are rated consistently by our clients, to ensure products are on spec. TARA also enables users to assign additional QA/QC resources for larger projects that require extensive bug testing, manual user testing or functional testing.


What about maintenance? Does TARA provide ongoing maintenance and support for my projects?

Yes. TARA was built to be a powerful, on-going member of your team. We can provide continued maintenance on your project, along with support, for a monthly fee—simply set it up through the dashboard once your product is completed.

Revisions or changes to scope

What if I want to change the design or features of my product?

We designed TARA to be flexible and accommodate change requests. In our experience though, making changes early in the product development life cycle is the best way to prevent major delays. Revisions or major changes to your project scope will impact the timeline (TARA will change your timeline accordingly).

For major scope changes, we recommend scheduling a call with your success manager to assess the changed project scope and additional resource requirements. You can also request revisions in your dashboard—we’ll just ask you and your assigned developer to approve the change requests. If a revision request ever looks like it will break prior features, your TARA developer will reach out before moving forward on the change request.

Additional features or iterations

Can TARA work on version 2 of my product, or on future iterations?

Yes. As your products grow and you launch future versions, TARA is there. You can continue to utilize TARA and your assigned contractor for your current product build and future iterations.


I am an enterprise company, how do I deploy to my own cloud?

TARA allows enterprise customers to work with their own servers and virtual environments. It's easy to launch a build on your own server. Just upload the details for your VM through the dashboard and your assigned TARA developer will take care of attaching their local machines to your remote server..

I need data security, how does TARA work with encrypted data?

We take data security very seriously. For projects that require handling of sensitive information such as personal information, emails, etc. TARA will only request access to anonymized data. Our platform can also work with pre-encrypted data, as long as keys are provided. In this scenario, the client is responsible for data storage and access.

What about password?

TARA encrypts all passwords for user accounts using strong hashing methods.

If I share my ideas, are they secure?

Yes, all discussions with the TARA platform, your assigned developer resource and your success manager are covered by a non-disclosure agreement.

Working as a TARA expert

How do I become a TARA expert?

Please click here to create a profile on TARA to get started as a contractor on our platform. You can also find out more about our contractor network by clicking here.

What are the benefits of becoming a TARA expert?

Built to improve the contractor experience

TARA was built to improve the experience of contract work. Our team and systems exist to maximize your productivity and provide consistent work opportunities (and paychecks). TARA also augments your workflow, taking care of the administrative details, so you can focus on what you love to do.

Flexibility to work anywhere

We aren’t one for boundaries. With TARA you can work from anywhere and collaborate with smart people from around the globe.

Challenging projects

Our projects are 10x larger in scope than the average project in freelancer marketplaces; innovative organizations trust TARA and our network of experts get to work on exciting, challenging problems and solutions.

Support along the way

Even if you’re working solo, you aren’t alone. All of our contractors receive consistent support from TARA team members. Anytime you have a question just reach out—even if you just want to chat. We’re here for you.

Click here to learn more about our contractor network ->

How do I get paid?

We use same day or next day payouts and offer flexible transfer options direct to contractor bank accounts, debt cards, paypal accounts. Payroll is issued on a bi-weekly basis.