Frequently Asked Questions

Tara combines exceptional human talent with a smart platform to build products people love.


What is Tara?

Tara is a new way to outsource work. Whether you're launching a website, a mobile app, or anything in between, Tara makes it easier with brilliant human talent and a smart project management platform.

Tara's comprehensive pre-screening process ensures that the experts hired for your project are qualified and reliable, and a dedicated product manager oversees your project from beginning to end. Tara works on projects through an intelligent workflow and brilliant contractors-all for one monthly fee. Built by veteran recruiters and machine learning engineers, Tara is an always-on member of your team.

How does Tara work?

Add your product details to our builder and Tara will generate a monthly fee and timeline estimate for free. Once you're ready, hit deploy, and Tara will assign experts whose skills are uniquely suited for your project. When the experts are hired, a dedicated product success manager is assigned to the project. Predictive analytics keep you well informed as the project moves forward. For more information, visit our How It Works page.

What can Tara do for me?

Tara's vast capabilities in software development, include building recommendation engines, data analytics dashboards and iOS apps. If you're not sure whether Tara can help, just ask. Our dedicated customer success team is happy to chat about your project.

What does Tara stand for?

Tara stands for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation.

Who are Tara clients?

Our clients are innovative organizations interested in a better way to build products. Organizations that want to work with top developers from around the globe, with the flexibility of a contractor work force.

From startups to enterprise organizations, Tara is an extension of the team from prototyping, to MVP, to full-fledged product. Because we are a trusted software development resource, companies with sensitive and confidential data-hedge funds, telecom operators, and government organizations-also look to us as a secure partner.