The Agile, Secure Solution For Enterprise Workforce Needs

Enterprise trusts TARA for secure product builds

For secure product builds, add TARA to your team. Hedge funds, telecom operators and government organizations use TARA for projects that contain sensitive and confidential data. Additionally, TARA vets and IDs all of the expert contractors in our trusted network and generates all legal documentation and NDAs, prior to project start.


Go to market faster with an augmented workforce

Powered by machine learning TARA is a smarter, faster, and more agile method for developing software. Our intelligent platform uses predictive analytics to provides you with a project timeline and team to meet your goals. By combining top global talent with machine learning, we’ve created a software development system that turns your team into a competitive differentiator.

“When people and machines work together, they have the potential to produce better outputs than either could separately.”
Accenture report, Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries. Trend 5: Workforce Reimagined, 2015

Staff in days with over 50,000 verified contractors

Within minutes you can team up with brightest minds in the world, no research or pre-screening required. Our algorithm uses 120+ data points to match you with the best pre-screening experts for your project. Deploy 1 or 100 developers at the push of a button, and scale up or down as the project progress. TARA automatically takes care of NDAs, payroll, ID verification, pre-screening, and independent contractor forms so you can staff in days instead of months.


Deploy to your internal cloud

TARA’s flexible platform allows enterprise customers to work with your own servers and virtual environments. After starting a project, you can launch a build on your secure servers by uploading VM details through the TARA dashboard. Also, TARA allows for multiple internal project owners so that the whole team can stay informed of important milestones and project updates.

“50% of the workforce will be freelancing by the year 2020.”
Source: Forbes