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Lost Sheeps increases velocity on shipping websites with Tara

Successfully managing clients on an agile-focused tool

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About Lost Sheeps

Martijn van Egmond is the co-founder of Lost Sheeps, a bespoke website development agency offering website design, development and hosting to a wide range of clients.

The Netherlands based team works with clients on building websites and maintaining e-commerce platforms for their brands. Martijn works mainly in a web development role while his partner, Nick, works in a design capacity to execute client requirements. Nick also works on the business development side of the company and is the direct contact for clients.

Tara’s influence:

  • Task management made easier thanks to scrum workflow
  • Managing multiple client projects made simpler through multiple workspaces
  • Effortless remote collaboration with asynchronous standups and increased visibility
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Adopting Tara

Martijn realized that Basecamp was not working for the team. The platform was over-engineered for what they needed it for. It was great for project managers, but not ideal for developers. Eventually, the team ended up using their emails as to-do lists to manage their tasks.

The team needed a simple, clutter-free tool to manage clients, projects and store information. Having come from scrum backgrounds, managing projects on an agile-focused tool was ideal.

"Tara is exactly what we needed. It fits all the needs we have and has everything an agile team needs - backlog, sprints, tasks and requirements."

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Managing clients by workspace

Lost sheeps manage their clients’ work through separate workspaces. This makes it simpler to view and organize requirements, tasks and information by client. The team runs weekly or bi-weekly sprints depending on the scope of work by the client. Martijn and Nick are able to track sprint progress separately by switching workspaces.

With Nick being the point of contact for all clients, whenever new requirements, tasks or updates arrive, he simply updates the corresponding workspace which then Martijn and team can pick up when logging onto Tara.

Effectively managing a remote team

Currently, the team works remotely across different parts of the Netherlands. With the team having visibility over the workspaces, new requirements are all easily visible and e-mail notifications on task comments keep them up-to-date on internal and client feedback.

With Tara, frustration over not knowing where to find information has disappeared. With a more organized workflow, the team is able to focus on getting more done. It is now effortless to send client updates when information is readily available to be shared, which makes scaling the business that much easier.

Lost Sheeps tasks
"The agile workflow on Tara is simple enough to follow and easily adapt to. I haven’t seen anything better in the last ten years. Best platform I’ve used that supported a scrum workflow."