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About Scribe

Scribe is trailblazing in the workplace AI space by seamlessly capturing how work gets done across an organization. They make it easy for companies to learn from their most productive people without slowing them down.

Aaron Podolny is the Co-founder and CTO of Scribe. He leads the engineering team and manages the product build. He needed a real sprint management tool that will help speed up their team’s velocity.

Tara’s influence:

  • Increased visibility over all development tasks
  • Easily track and assign tasks to engineers
  • Shipping features faster with Tara
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Aaron and his team first managed their work through Asana, since he was familiar with it from his previous startup. He developed frustrations over Asana’s workflow, its functionalities and documentation processes.

Eventually, the team moved their work to Google Sheets and while not ideal for work management, it was flexible enough for them to manage their tasks. In time, the limitations that come with working on Google Sheets led to a roadblock in their workflow. It was difficult to view task details, daily standups took longer and it was difficult to get more work done.

Transitioning to Tara

The team uses a scrum methodology when planning weekly tasks. Aaron needed an agile-focused tool with structured sprints with enough flexibility to support his team’s workflow.

Scribe task view
"The sprint planning board is very useful. It’s nice to see everything and then jump into details of the task. Tara is a really nice fit for how engineering at a startup works."

The team loved Tara’s simplicity and how user-friendly it was. The problems he and the team had with using other tools disappeared.

One of the pain points the team had was the fact that he had to recreate tasks weekly to mirror sprints. With Tara, they could simply drag and drop tasks from the previous week’s sprint into the current one, saving him time to focus on priorities.

Aaron particularly took a liking to how Tara’s user interface understands how engineering tasks are structured. This helped him onboard the team faster and start using sprints weekly.

Integrating with GitHub

The Scribe team integrated Tara with Github to sync their tasks with pull requests. This allowed engineers to provide greater detail and context for the team while working on projects. With a simplified view and an organized workflow, the team is able to better collaborate and move faster along development using Tara.

"With the GitHub integration, I could go and find the pull request associated with a task. The fact that I can go into previous sprints and do that is great. Using a tool to keep a record of tasks is something that we’ve been missing, and Tara does a great job at that."

Increasing productivity with ease

Working together as a team is easier and much more efficient, now that the team is using Tara. With increased visibility on development tasks for the entire team, assigning tasks is easier for Aaron and everyone is aligned on progress.

With fewer clicks and more scope visible in one modern dashboard, there is more time for the team to focus on shipping features at a faster rate.

Scribe task timeline