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Fascinating Problems

Our clients have big ideas and exciting challenges.
From VR apps to machine learning, TARA is the place to find interesting work.

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A new way to work

Complex software builds require clarity and accountability.TARA uses machine learning to efficiently manage product goals and timelines.

Built to improve the contract work experience

Our team and systems exist to maximize your productivity and provide ongoing work opportunities. TARA also augments your workflow, to help you complete projects successfully.

Workflow automation

Tara gives you the freedom to do your best work. Tara automatically generates specs, project milestones, task lists, and day-to-day goals, so you’re never left wondering what to tackle, when.

Flexibility to work anywhere

We aren’t one for boundaries. With TARA you can work from anywhere and collaborate with smart people from around the globe. Get ready to be part of the dream team.

The right projects for your skillset

Whether data is your thing or apps are where it’s at, we want you to love your projects. TARA uses over 120+ data points to match you with contract jobs that align with your skills and interests.

Challenging projects

Our projects are 10x larger in scope than the average project in freelance marketplaces; enterprise trusts TARA and our network of experts to work on challenging problems and solutions.

Support along the way

Your success is important. We offer consistent support with our TARA team. Anytime you have a question just reach out—even if you just want to chat. Our team is here for you.

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