Building a Centralized Database with TARA

Nana Teng, GSV Acceleration

Learning & Talent Technology Venture Capital
Data Analytics and Data Visualization
2 Expert Contractors

Time to hire

Average time to hire a developer — 2 weeks

Time for TARA to hire a PHP developer familiar with knowledge of building newsire platforms — 24 hours

Average time to complete similar project

Software development agency: 15 weeks

Freelancer marketplace: 12 weeks

TARA: 8 weeks

GSV Acceleration had an issue with siloed databases across its entire company. To reduce inefficiency, they wanted to build a centralized database that would be accessible and user-friendly. TARA provided a skilled developer who built the database quickly and exactly to specifications. But what was most surprising to the GSV Accelerator team was how much they enjoyed working with an AI project manager.

GSV Acceleration is an early stage venture capital firm based in Chicago. This innovative firm is data-driven and manages over 20+ investment companies. But they had a problem. All of the portfolio data was housed in different systems across the business. GSV Acceleration wanted an internal data system that was centralized and user friendly, so that all necessary employees could access the information—not just Excel gurus.

Because GSV Acceleration is focused on emerging industries, they were interested in experiencing TARA and AI project management.

“We were interested in exploring TARA, because of the unique concept it presents,” said Nana Teng, GSV Acceleration. “Using AI to manage the entire project is very interesting, and that was a key differentiator.”

Throughout the experience, GSV Acceleration appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness of TARA, and the high-quality work of the developers.

“I was impressed that the developer was able to build the dashboard, exactly as I asked, without asking a lot of questions. We did innovate the project as it was built out, but I never had to get on the phone or speak to the developer. All changes went through TARA. I'll say it again, I'm very impressed by the response time of TARA and its project management capabilities. With TARA you know that when you ask a question it will get answered quickly.“

TARA uses machine learning to optimize project timelines. This includes sending a regular cadence of communications from the AI project manager. For GSV Acceleration. the dependable schedule of emails meant that the team always had tabs on the database’s progress. This transparency into the process minimized anxiety and unnecessary checking-in on their part.

“There are lot of pros with using TARA and one is that I knew what to expect. It was easy to identify TARA’s communication patterns, so I knew which days to expect responses. With human interactions, it’s a lot more sporadic.”

Of course, if clients want to have a conversation, TARA team members are only a phone call away. GSV Acceleration looks forward to exploring those connections in future projects with TARA.