The Challenge: Finding Adept Developers

“When you find a developer through friends or friends of friends, or through networking or a search for freelancers, quality is never guaranteed,” shares Patrick. Tara stood out because of the caliber of its contractors’ work.

Tara’s unique machine learning algorithm rates developers exclusively on their coding skills. “Tara connected me with developers who were objectively rated, and that was something I didn’t find anywhere else,” reports Patrick. “Tara uses quality to select programmers, instead of other typical factors programmers are judged by, like resume or university pedigree.”

Value Created: A Knowledgeable Team

Using machine learning, Tara scoured the web for projects comparable to Parian’s new app. Tara’s automated scoping platform not only created milestones for the app build, but also recommended a cross-functional team to complete the software and hardware build.

To meet Parian’s needs, Tara selected Android engineers and a product manager from its network of 50,000 vetted global developers. Tara assigned the engineers and product manager to Patrick’s team within 24 hours of his request.

“The greatest value Tara adds is strong programmers.”

Once the contractors joined Parian, they became “extremely integrated” members of the team. Tara’s leading edge tools ensured smooth communications between all team members. Reports Patrick, who himself is a coder. “Previously, I’d send an API document and I didn’t know if my contractor had read it or not, or if the contractor was working on my project. With Tara, I know my contractors are using the document properly and the code is very good.”

The app will provide a new product line for Parian--and ensure that hungry restaurant customers can receive fast and accurate orders.