Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, serving 256 million customers across 29 countries. Orange Silicon Valley is one of its subsidiaries, leading the charge on cutting-edge technology. For a recent project, Orange wanted to build an employee training recommendation engine.

“For the participating employees in our trial, we wanted to look at their training history and build an algorithm that would recommend classes for them to take.” explained Wilson Lau, Software Architect, Orange. “It would also use data from our internal network to incorporate personal preferences into the recommendations.”

As part of the innovation team at Orange Silicon Valley, Wilson’s team was interested in using an intelligent approach to staffing and building the project. In the past, the outsourcing process of their development project has been long and complex.

“We looked at Tara as an add-on to our recruiting process. By incorporating Tara’s contractor marketplace into our process, we wanted to see how it can help us speed up the deployment of projects..”

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The team also found Tara’s agile project management system to be a welcome break from tradition. Orange Silicon Valley works on high concept research projects, and project scope changes are frequent. Because Tara uses machine learning to constantly update the project timeline and fee, it can immediately adapt to scope changes. There are never any surprises regarding project cost or estimated completion date.

“In the past, whenever we changed scope it was a long, manual process, But, as part of the innovation team, we’re constantly adjusting the features that we want to build. If it takes a long time to get a new quote every time we add something or lose something then it will delay my whole project. Tara has a unique advantage because the scope changes depending on our needs.”

Through its hiring algorithm, Tara was able to find a developer adept in the data science skills needed for this project. But not only was he qualified, he was a true collaborator throughout the process.

“The developer that Tara found for us had the exact experience we needed for this project. He was actually recommending new data science tools for us to use on the project, and those suggestions ended up being useful. He was working out of Pakistan, and without Tara, I don’t think we would have found him. Being able to work with qualified, quality contractors in different markets and different regions is a must for any company who needs good contractor help.”