GSVLabs relies on AI to connect cancer patients with care networks

Alec Wright, CIO at GSVLabs

How Tara helped innovate faster


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Time taken to hire iOS developer team with Tara

48 hours

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5 weeks


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10 weeks

Freelancer marketplace

16 weeks

Software development agency

20 weeks

Cancer patients not only have to recover from often-exhausting treatments, but also have to navigate a barrage of doctors’ appointments, schedule rides to the hospital, and respond to requests from well-meaning friends and family. These logistics can feel daunting. That’s why Cisco approached GSVLabs to streamline care for cancer patients.<br><br>GSVLabs is the innovation arm of the family of companies known as Global Silicon Valley (GSV). GSV guides the innovation process for major global corporations, including Cisco, 3M, AT&T, and Intel. GSVLabs prides itself on fast iteration, shortening the usual 10-18 month cycle from innovation to creation down to a few months.

The Challenge: Finding a Smart Scoping Tool

Cisco and GSVLabs sought feedback from a cross-section of oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, health care executives, and cancer patients themselves. To develop the app, Cisco and GSVLabs compressed years of innovation into two days, combining stakeholder interviews with rapid-fire pitches.

Ultimately, GSVLabs decided to create an iOS app to connect cancer patients to their loved ones. The app would alert friends and family to oncology, radiation, and chemotherapy appointments, and enable patients to request rides to the hospital, childcare--even a pint of ice cream.

GSVLabs sought a product management tool that would support this accelerated pace, and most critically, get the app into patients’ hands faster.

“To keep this pace, we need a tool that understands the innovation mechanism. That’s where Tara really shines,” said Alec Wright, CIO at GSVLabs. “The platform provides an easy way for us to manage multiple projects at once.”

Value Added: An Accelerated Iteration Cycle

GSVLabs had partnered with Tara on past product builds. Once the idea for the patient care app was solidified, GSVLabs utilized Tara’s platform to scope and manage product builds. Comparing the app to similar products, Tara’s algorithm determined that 4 front end developers, 3 back end developers, and a project manager could successfully build the app.

Software engineers assigned from the Tara marketplace completed the app within four weeks and within budget. “With Tara’s AI, we’ve seen 30%+ savings in development time, without feeling like we sacrificed quality or control,” reports Alec.

“The single biggest value Tara provides is its instant scoping and monitoring of our products’ development. When we are considering a potential development project, we can quickly get a sense of resources required.”

The result, MyWays app, empowers cancer patients to activate their networks of family and friends, creating circles of care to support them through a difficult time. Relying on Tara’s platform for its health care app, GSVLabs is helping support cancer patients with the comfort of familiar faces.

Read more about the fast-paced ideation led to the MyWays app: “How 2 Days of Innovation Helped Build a Product from Scratch”

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