Like many great founder stories, Ruth McKee started with a desire to improve people’s lives. An experienced business woman in the Middle East, Ruth wanted to empower other women in Dubai through business intelligence, strategy, and education. In this mission she founded Business Majlis, a platform to connect women in business. But, Ruth needed technical help to turn her idea into a reality.

“The solutions I was finding in Dubai weren’t working for me. They weren’t sophisticated enough and weren’t going to have a quick enough turnaround or be cost effective,” explained Ruth. “What I got from Tara was the most up-to-date people for the job, assembled based on my needs with a quick turnaround. I felt like I was getting the best talent out there.”

Ruth had a clear idea of the end product but wasn’t sure which technical skills were necessary to complete the work. Rather than spending quality time researching qualifications, and interviewing developers, she hired Tara to handle the process. After one call with her dedicated product manager, Ruth had a quote and a team ready to go.

“For me to do my own research on which technical skills were needed would have been a very laborious exercise. I wouldn't know what I was looking for. With Tara everything was done for me.”

Working with Tara also introduced Business Majlis to an entirely new pool of talent that Ruth can use again for future Tara projects. Having a top-notch bank of developers to rely on is especially important to an entrepreneur like Ruth who needs to test business ideas quickly.

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“I have lots of business ideas, and want to make sure that I find the right person for the job. The Tara network connects me to smart people from across the country or the globe. It's incredible.”

The most rewarding part of the partnership was the speed at which Tara brought Ruth’s ideas into a real product. With a project completion time of 8 weeks, Business Majlis had it’s news platform faster than Ruth could have anticipated.

“What I liked was how quick and efficient the whole process was. Almost immediately Tara was sending me stills of how the platform was going to look.” After the seamless project build, Business Majlis and Tara will be teaming up for more projects in the future. “I would like Tara to be like almost like an extension of my team. Not just for one off projects but as a partner who continuously works with Business Majlis.”