The Challenge: Finding Frontend Adept Developers

Up until January 2018, Bazirt lacked the front-end UI/UX to demonstrate the enormous power of their backend systems. Like most early stage ventures, there were a number of hurdles Bazirt needed to clear in order to build the mobile user interface and experience they wanted. Most notable of these hurdles were the finances it would take to hire an in-house team to build out the UI/UX. Bazirt already had the core skills required for their database architecture on the team, but didn’t have the JavaScript background needed for their prototype.

With a rapidly approaching deadline and a tight budget, Bazirt found Tara and ran a 5 week sprint, working with Tara contracted developers, to deliver an Android mobile application prototype.

Value Created: A Knowledgeable Team

The quality of the work for a low and fixed price exceeded our expectations. Additionally, Tara didn’t come back to us at the end of the project and add additional expenses, even though we expected them to do so, as we went slightly outside of the original project scope.

Tara will definitely be part of the team moving forward. Augmentation for the right skillset is going to be a game changer for us. For the quality delivered, I can’t imagine finding a more cost effective solution.”

“There was no BS or fluff. Tara did what they said they were going to do, and delivered on time.”

The freelance developers Tara connected us with were professional and personable. When working on previous products, we used an agile methodology to software development. The daily scrum we ran with the team at Tara was the same as our prior product build processes, so we didn’t need to change our routine, which was great.

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Bazirt was beyond pleased with the results the Tara team delivered. Not a single issue or glitch thus far. The application is very stable. Since the end of the project, the team at Bazirt has performed 25 to 30 demos, both on laptop and smartphone.